For Automation Global Robotics
  • Factory Automation System Engineering business leader!

    Since its establishment in 2007, R&D has continued to develop strongly based on expertise, long experience in building and customer trust in robot systems & logistics automation.
  • optimum System! the best Quality!

    Based on various PROJECT supply performance, we are constantly striving to meet customer needs and provide the best products and SERVICE.
  • With the Customer developing enterprise!

    Through mid- to long-term management plans and future market forecasts of the company, we will identify and analyze current problems and present reasonable improvement measures to take the lead in customer satisfaction and impression as a partner with customers at all the time.
    All employees will always work hard to provide customers with the best technology and the best job for employees to work excitedly.
  • management goal
    • Implementing a trust and sincerity image
    • Implementing a promising future job for employees
    • Implementing a competitive company as a company
  • management policy
    • Securing Quality
    • Establishment of technology foundation
    • Reinforcement of
      Cost Management
    • Gain reliability and competitive advantage
  • a private order
    • diligence(誠實)
    • Faith(信義)
    • The best(最善)
    • Top(最高)